8 Ways To Keep Your Sugar Level Under Control This Christmas

Christmas is near and the time for tasty sweets like candies and cakes is also coming. Thus, with these, your sugar levels can also increase and be a cause for a number of diseases. You can save yourself from this situation by following some easy tips. So, Here are some tips to maintain your sugar level and keep enjoying Christmas.
Drink Lots Of Water, Vegetable Juice, Nimbu Pani,
and soups

Drinking water normally has a number of health benefits . Drinking fluids like water, soups, nimbu pani, and vegetable juices can dilute the concentration in your blood, maintaining your body sugar level. This can also stop unnecessary weight gain.
Avoid smoking and alcohol
If you want to keep a check on your sugar level during Christmas, then you must avoid consuming any type of alcohol or smoking. Alcohol has too much sugar concentration that could cause severe health issues.
Eat only 1 dessert
We know that Christmas is the perfect time for sweets but eating too much of them can increase your skill levels. Select a perfect time for sugar consumption & try eating a single desert each day. Cakes with icing, gur or date sugar could be a better option.
Exercise at least 4 times a week
Doing exercise in winters can’t be easy, but working out 4 times in a week can prevent weight gain. It can keep your metabolism high and your blood sugar levels in control.
Don’t eat packaged and preserved foods
Packaged foods are filled with artificial sugar and oil that can increase blood sugar & cause gain. So, try to take fresh foods such as vegetables, that may help in keeping your body active throughout the season.

Avoid junk foods
Try and avoid junk food, if you are already at a risk of blood sugar level increase. In place of that, consume foods like tandoori snacks and chapatis or thin crust pizza. Do not use too much cheese and pasta with pesto or red sauces.
Sleep well and reduce stress
Sleep is very important, it can both build or break your health. It can keep us safe from different diseases and provides energy to work out during the day. It is one of the easiest solutions to maintain your sugar levels.
Eat Different Types of foods and keep tracking your calories intake
You can’t possibly avoid different types of delicious foods. The only thing you have to do is to keep a record of your food consumption. This will save you from problems such as sugar, undesirable weight gain and sugar.

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