A considerable uproar arose in politics inside Bangladesh.

Many things are seen happening continuously regarding politics, which is taking politics in a completely different form, and in any way, all these changes within politics are significant. Many people are continuously worried about the changes. Even though there are many differences, people need to know that they should come out of all these political activities as much as possible and focus entirely on their own country and not on the country’s issues. People were utterly investing here to make their money, but after taking the politics and development of the people to their country, People do not look at their country; they look only for their money. This kind of politics can completely spoil the countryside.

There is a complete issue within every country that whoever is the Prime Minister or the President, no one can make the country grow the way he angers the country in the way he does in the cabinet. He also depends on it being entirely complete, so the whole thing depends on it being completely done. He can keep his efforts poor because if there is such a need in any way, he will do so in the future. He can raise a lot of questions inside and about his political career. In general, he sleeps a lot here regarding his career as well. The same pattern of thinking about things is not visible at all in the politics of Bangladesh, where the opposite is seen happening.

Changing the statement may need to be corrected to some extent.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh was seen completely turning on his sister. In this way, a huge Baba Bal has also arisen in the politics there, due to which he has been wholly humiliated continuously. If this kind of sister is seen, If this decline continues there constantly, then mosquitoes will create a lot of turmoil in the politics there. In the coming elections, people who are not there can also be given a chance—the one who has been the Prime Minister there for the last five years. Considering themselves utterly dependent on them, they constantly believe that they are running their country in a way that no other leader can even think of, and this belief of theirs is entirely wrong because to run the country, complete public support is required.

It is challenging to run any country without the people. It is difficult for those people as well. All the difficulties are being created for the times to come and in the same manner. It is perfect for people to know about all these things. The more they investigate all those things, the better for them. It also entirely depends on their country as much as possible. They are appointed to serve the country, and if they follow the principles of such an appointment, then they will get a lot of good benefits there. If, in some way, they follow their directions, then this is entirely Krishna’s politics. It would prove not good for their country as well.

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