A very shameful thing was seen after South Africa’s brilliant game.

The World Cup is completely one, but today, I see all the teams playing here, and it would be wrong to ignore any group here. Because no team here is at all weak, it has reached the top 10 section of the world, and that is why all the units of Sari are seen playing suitable matches one after the other. Whereas India and New Zealand’s teams looked utterly different here, both have won three games each and are on top of the points table and ultimately, they can maintain their points table in the same manner. I will also try to finish it well when all the circumstances are there for the Indian team, but whatever the team is, there will also be a lot going on here.

The Pakistan team also performed very well in the beginning of playing children’s cricket against India. Still, gradually, when their wickets started falling, they were seen getting all out immediately, and in the same way, their team had to face this problem. He cannot be considered weak because he had an excellent bowling attack and was ready to defeat anyone, but this time, in the World Cup, his bowling appeared to be quite ordinary—he was an excellent bowler. Indian commentator Ravi Shastri also commented a lot about him: his bowling has no life at all. His bowling is at a very different level from the kind of bowling Pakistan always bowls. Nothing has been seen in Pakistan’s bowling.

A significant change happened in South Africa.

The South African team played very well in the 2019 World Cup. To qualify, the South African team had to win one last match in which they had to play against the Netherlands and in that match, the Netherlands defeated South Africa. They conquered Africa by a considerable margin and played first in the game. New Zealand scored a perfect score for South Africa, but when the South African team came to change it, they did not score runs. There, he proved to be very weak, and hence the continuous talks about him, his songs and many other things are being talked about continuously, and it is said that his bowling attack is perfect. The all-rounders from the Netherlands also play excellent cricket and are progressing with their cricket.

The Netherlands team played excellent cricket in the ICC World Cup Qualifier matches. In the match, they also defeated West Indies in the Super Over, beating India on the third day. The West Indies team could not score so many runs and lost the match completely. Being in the World Cup was a big problem for them, and it was completely difficult for the West Indies team. Now, the Netherlands team, which has qualified for the World Cup, is ready to face the same difficulties. In the World Cup, they played suitable matches one after the other. In 2019, the way they played against South Africa. In the same way, yesterday, they also kept their history low again by supporting South Africa in the third leg, and it is a big thing for such a big team to score runs continuously in the World Cup.

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