Add This Delicious Dishes In Your Lohri Thaal To Enhance Its Flavor

Lohri is one of the famous festivals that brings families and friends together. As the festivities begin, one can’t ignore the taste of great food and traditional delectable delicacies made to label the festival. During the festival, a variety of sweet and savory treats are made to enhance the flavor. These include sweets made with til and gur, delicious dishes such as makki ki roti and sarson ka saag, and tasty snacks like gajaks, jaggery, peanuts and popcorn.

This year, this reaping festival is going to fall on Friday, January 13. Beside, in association with Lohri Prasad, this year, gift your loved ones with some genuine scrumptious recipes. Below mentioned are some of the traditional dishes that you should add in your Lohri thali.

Sarson Ka Saag & Makki Ki Roti
This is a famous and nutritious Punjabi recipe. This recipe is made using mustard and spinach leaves and makes a perfect dish for the cold season. Sarson Ka Saag is generally served with Makki ki roti. You can serve it with saag and jaggery cubes also.
Til Ke Laddu
It is the traditional winter sweet. It is made with roasted sesame seeds, called til and jaggery (gur). These laddu conveys a longer shelf life and can be gratified all over the winter season.
Gur Ka Halwa
Gur Ka Halwa is a very tasty dish. It can be easily prepared in a few minutes. A small amount of semolina and jaggery drenched in magnanimous amounts of ghee, decorated with finely chopped pistachio and almonds is all what you need to make this sweet dish.
Gajak and Rewari
Bite-sized sugary snacks, Chikki, Gajak, and Rewari, which are made with ingredients such as sesame seeds, jaggery, and brittle sugar, are commonly found in a traditional Lohri thali.
Peanuts and Popcorn
Popcorns are one of the favorite snacks for this festival, served with a number of toppings. Other than this, roasted or boiled peanuts are also given as prasad for this grand campfire.
A rich and flavorful dessert, Gajrela or Gajar Ka Halwa, is a must-have food item in a traditional Lohri thali. The dish is traditionally made with grated carrots, milk, sugar and garnished with khoya and dry fruits such as cashews, pistas, and almonds. It is a popular dessert recipe especially prepared during the winter season.

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