Apple company’s share market decreased by 5%

Apple is the world’s largest smartphone maker. This company has continuously earned a different name for itself in the whole world because it is constantly very much liked through its smartphone. This company uses the Apple smartphone most in countries other than India, and Apple has increased its work ultimately inside India. It is expected that its prices inside India There will be a considerable decline, after which its sales rate will be very high here too. The CEO of Apple Company had recently said that he is very excited about India when his products will be manufactured in India.

The Apple company is constantly in discussion about its smartphone all over the world. Still, this time the reason for its being in the discussion is completely different because this time, there has been a massive decline of 5 per cent inside their stock market; after that, the company, The CEO of K is very worried. There are two employees of the company. He is also looking very worried at this time because, for the first time, it has been seen that there has been such a massive decline in the stock market of Apple company and this considerable decline. It continuously increased very much when it was 3% earlier, but after that, it reached 5%. She constantly questions the company whether their lord inside the stock market is like this. If it starts falling, its impact on the market will be more visible.

New products will have to be used to save the company.

This time he will have to use a new product to save the company, and if he uses a new product, he can save his company in a good way. Otherwise, a lot of problems may arise for him. It is to be said that if the new product is used usually this time, then they are more excited about it, and they said that the way people use the products of the Apple company, the trust that people have towards the Apple company is very high. And continuously, people like to buy its smartphone, whereas now Apple is also trying to connect with people differently.

Due to the fall of the Apple company, their new product image can come at this time; if they launch a new product inside the market or if the new product becomes completely effective inside their market, then there will be a massive boom in the stock market. Otherwise, the slowdown they have in the stock market will continue to be seen by us, and the company is also constantly trying to use its new products in the market so that its old image can be returned. He can also make total compensation for the loss he has suffered in the stock market, which will have to be done faster.

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