As the Pathaan video plays on the Burj Khalifa, Shah Rukh Khan does his characteristic hookstep.

Shah Rukh Khan was in Dubai at the time and watched the moment when the teaser for his next film Pathaan aired atop the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa.
Shah Rukh Khan, who is in Dubai for the promotion of his new film Pathaan, saw the film trailer being shown on the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, on Saturday. Shah Rukh stepped on stage during a promotional event, dressed in black casuals and a matching jacket, while the Pathaan video played in the background. He also struck his trademark posture.
Shah Rukh also did the Pathaan hookstep from the song Jhoome Jo Pathaan and uttered a few lines from the film at the promotional event. On social media, several fan groups published videos and photos from Dubai.
In a video, Shah Rukh can be seen reciting his Pathaan lines at an event: “Party rakhoge to mehman navazi ke liye Pathaan to ayega aur sath mein pathaake bhi layega” (If you throw the party at Pathaan’s house, Pathaan would undoubtedly attend and will bring firecrackers). He also mentioned in the film, “apni kursi ki peti baandh lo, mausam bigadne wala hai” (tighten your seatbelts since the weather is about to change).
Shah Rukh has gone to Dubai for the International League T20 opening ceremony as well as to promote Pathaan. Pathaan is directed by Siddharth Anand and stars Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia, and Ashutosh Rana. It will be released in theatres globally on January 25, marking Shah Rukh’s comeback to the big screen after a four-year absence.
Before the film’s trailer was shown on the Burj Khalifa, Nelson D’Souza, Vice President, International Distribution, remarked, “Pathaan is one of the most anxiously awaited films of our times, and a picture like this deserves to be staged in the grandest fashion when it comes to presenting it to people.”
“We are happy that Shah Rukh Khan, who is currently in UAE for the International League T20, will be in attendance when the teaser is presented atop one of the world’s most significant architectural marvels,” he continued. SRK has an extraordinary fan base in the UAE, and we believe this action suits the excitement that Pathaan carries today, thanks to the outpouring of affection from his followers and viewers alike.”

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