Australia will always help in Indian in distress

According to the sources Australia is making every possible attempt to stabilize the relationships with China but that does not mean that it is affecting its relationship with India at any cost. It is already known that India has affected the relationships with China to a great extent after China collaborated with Pakistan in order to construct the one Silk Road that passes through the Indian occupied Kashmir.

China is also helping Pakistan to increase the presence across different ports from where the Indian military centres are very close and proximate. All of this is increasing the threat to Indian territory from the Chinese influence. Despite all of this India has always respected the Chinese counterparts and all the officials who visited India over the period of time but India has preferred countries like Australia to always stay away from China so that China does not harm them in any way. The high commissioner of Australia in a recent statement has clarified to all the doubts of India that Australia is only making an attempt to stabilize the relationships and by no stretch of imagination does Australia and China. This is one of the most important aspect which has become a medium of discussion between the three countries.

Australia has also got many issues with China but in order to improve the bilateral trade it is important to cater to some of them but not all of them. This is the factor which has been in the position to change the Dynamics of the relationships over the period of time. Australia definitely remembers the way in which Australian goods were completely prohibited from entering the Chinese mainland and how China used to manipulate countries like India in Asia in order to prohibit them from receiving any help from Australia. The extent of this relationship has been changed but the base remains the same and no country is in the position to take all of these things into account. The most important factor that has been responsible for changing the dimensions of the relationship has been the attitude of China. China wishes to conquer the entire volt and this is not possible in this state of International Relation ships in which every state wants to extend a helping hand to each other.

The officials have been in the position to confirm that India does not need to worry at any cost because they will try the level best to change the scope of the relationship over the period of time so that India become an important part of Australia and both of the countries developed exclusive relationships in multiple aspects of research and development including trade so that the economy of both the countries boost over the period of time. Australia has always been an important partner of India in managing the international relationships and it is fully with the help of these features that the extent of the relationships can be improved. The quality of the work will definitely improve with the help of this everlasting relationship

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