BJP Says It Will Adopt a Uniform Civil Code in Himachal If Re-Elected

If the Bhartiya Janata Party is returned to power in Himachal Pradesh, JP Nadda, the party’s president, has pledged to implement a uniform civil code.
Instead of allowing distinct personal laws for people of different faiths, a uniform civil code entails having a standard set of rules covering marriage, divorce, succession, and adoption for all Indians.
For women in particular, who are frequently denied their rights in marriage, divorce, and inheritance under patriarchal personal laws, the goal of such uniformity is to achieve equality and fairness.
As he launched the party’s platform for the Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections, which are due for November 12, Nadda pledged to adopt the Uniform Civil Code.
The BJP in Himachal Pradesh has pledged to conduct “surveys” of Waqf holdings, which are Islamic estates donated for charitable or religious purposes, to look for irregularities in their ownership or methods of acquisition.
Shimla: A controversial subject among Muslims since it would eliminate religion-specific legislation, the ruling BJP on Sunday pledged to enact a Uniform Civil Code if the party were re-elected in Himachal Pradesh less than a week from now.
Because a civil code is usually thought to be the purview of the federal government rather than a state, the opposition has criticized the plan, which was also promised in Gujarat, which holds elections next month, as merely a gimmick to shore up votes of the Hindu majority.
The BJP in Himachal Pradesh has pledged to conduct “surveys” of Waqf holdings, which are Islamic estates provided for charitable or religious purposes, to look for any illicit activity. The action, which was implemented in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh in September, drew criticism for its polarizing intent.
The BJP’s manifesto also includes promises to create 8 lakh “employment possibilities” in five years, lower the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on packaging for the state’s important apple harvest from 18% to 12%, and give 33% of government jobs for women.
The Goods and Services Tax will only be applied to 12% of the state’s apple growers, according to the BJP.
In the meantime, the Congress party on Saturday pledged that if it wins the polls, it will grant 300 units of free power and allocate a Rs 10-crore start-up fund to each constituency in Himachal Pradesh.
The Congress has also promised to conduct mobile clinics, restart the old pensions program, hire five lakh youths, offer women in the state a monthly allowance of Rs. 1,500, and buy cow dung cakes for just Rs. 2 per kilogram.
It was announced by BJP President JP Nadda, who is from the Himalayan state, and included promises of five new medical schools, scooters for college girls, and cycles for female students in Classes 6 through 12.
In keeping with the pledge made in Gujarat, Mr. Nadda stated that the state will create a committee to implement a uniform civil code.
Additionally, he criticized the Saturday-released Congress manifesto, saying it lacked both vision and weight.
Along with Gujarat, where voting will take place in two phases on December 1 and 5, the 68-member Himachal Pradesh Assembly election will take place on November 12 with results anticipated on December 8. Every election, the BJP and Congress have often alternated winning Himachal Pradesh; this is a trend that the ruling party would like to break as Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party makes an attempt to enter the state.

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