Border violations are destroying Indo-China bilateral relations

It seems that nothing is going well between the two powerful nations these days. The border issues between India and China have reached the point where the bilateral relations are worsening between the two nations due to violation of agreements. This statement was given by Union Minister Rajnath Singh after the agreements between the two nations are violated.
Union Minister said that it is extremely important to bring peace to the border areas of both countries.
The first meeting of defense ministers of India and China
It was the very first time that China’s defense minister General Li Shangfu met India’s defense minister Rajnath Singh. It also included many talks relating to the Galvan Valley violence that occurred in 2020.
Rajnath Singh explained how the relations between India and China can still improve by solving the border issues immediately. He added that the issues of LAC (Line of Actual Control) must be solved to maintain a healthy relationship between India and China.
Bilateral relations between the two nations worsen
In this meeting, the two nations talked about the agreements signed between them. Union Minister Rajnath Singh said that the violation of agreements between the two nations has led to tension in the border areas.
Anil Chauhan, CDS Lieutenant General of India said that India is strong in its position at LAC. The meeting will be held on 28th April to talk about the continuous border issues.
Strong message to China from India
In the meeting of the 18th Corps Commander Level, it was decided to solve the issues of East Ladakh soon. The clash between Indian and Chinese Armies resulted in huge tension later.
India has sent a strong message to China stating that the issues can be solved only with peace and tranquility.

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