CBI officers Mr. Wankhede booked for taking bribe

The CBI officer who investigated the case of Aryan Khan has been booked for corruption as an FIR has been filed against him. Sameer Wankhede who was the zonal director of narcotics control bureau, has been allegedly charged for threatening Shahrukh Khan for paying a bribe of 25 crore. The officer was responsible for threatening the Khan family to pay this whopping amount and the failure to pay would result in Aryan Khan being framed in a false narcotics case. The officer has now been arrested for this offence. Mr. Wankhede was also in LimeLight after Aryan Khan was arrested in October 2021 after he was indiged in a drug bust on a cruise ship. The conduct of the officer was being scrutinized in the past 2 years and CBI had been able to flag different foreign trips and even the purchase of expenses watches and other valuables. After proper investigation, the truth has now been revealed that the officer was the main culprit.

The investigations could not draw a balance between the available and legitimate sources of income with the acquired assets according to the income. In fact during scrutiny the officer was not even able to explain the exact source of income and could not satisfy the Intelligence Officer in this regard. Apart from Mr. Wankhede, four other people have been arrested so far. These include Vishva Singh and Ashish Ranjan including other senior officers of Narcotics Central Bureau. The controversial witness, KP Gosavi, who was the only person to have witnessed the entire episode of the Aryan Khan drug scandal on the cruise has also been arrested so far. CBI has also decided to investigate the loopholes of the case and understand the fallacies which were conducted back then.

The witness Gosavi featured in a selfie with Aryan Khan post arrest. It is important to note that this was completely against the procedure established by law because he was not even an officer of the bureau. According to the investigation the accused officers have tried to extort a sum of 25 crore from the family of the accused. Sources have also been able to reveal that the amount was settled for 18 crore and even a token of rupees 50 lakhs was taken up by the accomplices. CBI has also conducted various raids at his place ever since then. CBI has got different types of evidence so far that can easily establish a charge sheet against the officer. The officer on the other hand has been trying to plead himself innocent again and again because according to him he is being framed in a false case. In fact it is important to note that he has accused the Khan family for taking revenge against the truthful investigation he carried out against their son. The case has been transferred to authorities for the time being to investigate further on the matter.

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