China decides to oppose Indian move at UN

According to the latest statements issued by the representatives of China it has come forward that China has voted out against the proposal made by India to ban Pakistan on the basis of the terror attack it had launched in India in 2008 in Mumbai. In the United Nations India has issued a proposal according to which Pakistan must be blocked and sanctions must be imposed against the country for supporting terrorist organisations and also assisting the terrorist organizations to execute every attack in developing and developed nations such as India and the United States of America.

The Attacks of 26/11 has been very drastic for the country to understand and bear and this particular attack was considered to be a global terrorist attack over the period of time. All the countries supported this particular proposal made by India but China was the only country that voted against such a proposal on the ground that there is no direct evidence of the involvement of Pakistan in all of this and Pakistan cannot be punished for everything that happens in the world associated with the terrorism. India has also recommended that Pakistan should be tag as a global terrorist and the assets of the country must be frozen so that they do not go to these funding organisations.

It was in September that China put this proposal to a halt but during the present session it has been blocked for once and for all by China. Not only this but also India has demanded the extradition of terrorists all the way from Pakistan to India so that the people could be protected and Justice could be served against all of those who had lost their loved ones in the Terror attacks which are executed by these groups. Many well known terrorists are still found in Pakistan and India has been requesting tho Agencies to release such criminals so that we could be punished for the offense they have committed at the National body in order to disturb peace and security of the nation as whole. Terrorists like Mir have still been living in Pakistan and countries like China are doing nothing about it despite understanding the danger that the world has from these dangerous humans. It is important to understand that the United States department of security ofences has been in the position to support India completely in this particular proposal because it has been made for the benefit of the country as a whole.

Such criminals have always played a fairy important role in Planning and executing the entire course of action. Decision of China to support Pakistan instead of other democracy of the world has been in the position to probind a better believe to all the people because they have been in the position to understand that China cannot support any country except for Pakistan because it only wants to become a super power of the world and nothing else. The level of development can only be measured when people know what to do and what not to do and Chinese conduct is not at all acceptable for the time being.

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