Congress clean sweeps BJP: Strategies turn upside down for BJP

Karnataka election has been won by congress. The BJP model which was practised by the political party in Gujarat was no longer successful in winning maximum number of seats in Karnataka. It is important to note that BJP had made two important developments just before the results of elections were declared. It was for the first time that BJP decided to withdraw its dependence on lingayat political leaders. Also at the same point of time it decided to utilise the same strategy which was followed by it in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in order to fight the opposite. The latest data of 2023 shows that BJP had failed on both fronts. It has not been able to fight properly in Karnataka after driving out the lingayat. In fact the community has been a major support to Congress for winning the elections in Karnataka this time. Lingayats have been able to assist Congress in winning a lot of votes of the lower community in Karnataka and this has been responsible for the big Congress win.

It is important to understand that the post election data speaks volumes about the different strategies adopted by BJP in order to win the Karnataka election but a single sweep by a party like Congress is a huge defeat to BJP. All the efforts by Congress have won today. It also took the support of minority and other backward classes for winning this election. Most probably the Brahmin of Karnataka used to vote for BJP but this time they have voted in huge numbers for the Congress. The caste division has worked well in the favour of Congress and other parties except for BJP. The vote share by congress has increased by 9% in the brahmins which is a huge jump since 2010 elections. This development has been able to change the demographic structure of the state for the time being. The community of lingayat originally belonged to the Congress party but the BJP managed to manipulate the community towards itself over the time.

Congress and BJP candidates have always received their support from the same castes. It has been for the first time that minorities and other backward classes such as dalits and tribal community have decided not to vote for BJP on the basis of the different policies that BJP enforced against them in the recent 10 years. This is very essential for understanding the way in which BJP has itself lost support. There are around 102 constituencies in Karnataka and around 19 of these constituencies have been lost by BJP as compared to its previous result. The government has decided to increase the strength of the members of the Legislative Assembly but even this move was not in the position to cover up the gap between Congress and BJP in these results. All of this has been because of the better political front that has been played by congress against BJP this year.

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