Controversy over Adipurash begins to increase

The most important project of the Bollywood which was none other than but Aadi Purush has been released and this movie is based on Ramayan but it has been able to attract towards itself a lot of Criticism just after a single day of release because according to most of the people this movie is derogatory towards the most important epic of Hinduism.

Many political parties such as Aam Aadmi Party has accused the Bharatiya Janata party for supporting to release of such a movie in which there are certain dialogues which are completely against the sentiments of the Indian and such kind of disrespect towards a mythological book cannot be tolerated at any cost because this is an integral part of the religion of the country and it cannot be compromised at all. It was the duty of the sensor board to evaluate the content of the movie properly before giving it a certification to release but it seems like it has failed in its duty because the movie has become a controversial point of discussion. It is important to note that the level of the dialogues is highly objectionable and by no stretch of imagination it can be tolerated by any Hindu.

The movie is completely based on imagination and does not depict the simplicity of the great Epic novel. Many opposition parties have events slammed the makers of the movie that the sanctity of this book has been brought to a disrespect. It is important to understand that the movie has become a drawing room matter of discussion for most of the people because after it has been released across India most of the people are only against the content of the movie and the way in which it has been delivered because it does not match with what this holy book actually is. It is important to understand that this particular movie has been able to obtain an opening of 140 crores and most of the people have expressed their surprise at the success of the movie. The controversies do not seem to end for the makers because many of the groups of Hinduism have decided to question this particular factor and even knock the doors of the court of law for hurting the sentiments of the people. People have been in the position to ensure that such a mistake is not repeated again at any cost and people get a complete idea about the way in which the discussion has to take place.

The movie has also been released across international borders. It will be interesting to see how people will address and what kind of perception they will make regarding Indian history after watching a blunder like this movie. Such kinds of movies must not be released because they present a very odd idea about Indian culture which is completely different from what has been shown in this movie at the time it has come to show the world what the actual values of India are.

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