Dangal’s heroine was very fond of photography

When Fatima was selected as her best in the film Dangal, it was a big challenge for her because she had to act very differently. Her movie was given in a new style, and she was completely ready to do this film. Slowly, he tried his best to do his movie, and when he was signed for this film, he struggled with it a lot because it was the first film of his career. She was very fond of Bollywood, so if she gets a chance to work with Aamir Khan in Bollywood, she considers herself very good.

Fatima comes from a low-income family, so it was a big challenge for her. She also said she was very excited about her upcoming film, but gradually, she got a lot of work here. It was closed, and she was not getting any employment in any way, about which she was very much worried. She also talked here many times and told me how she could find a better place in the future. She is always excited about the work she can get, and because of this excitement, she considers it right to work in films.

Working with Aamir Khan’s work is the most significant achievement for him.

Husband, I told them that when she was on trial for this film when the auditions were going on, she became very active for it in an accessible manner. She made a lot of rounds continuously and will keep making rounds, which adds oil to her condition. His health also deteriorated due to continuous deterioration, but he never tried to stop himself. The state which remains completely healthy inside the body after constant worsening of the condition was also not there at all. She was utterly worn out inside her body, but she never decided to stop herself. She constantly tried to run for this film as much as possible. Where could she be found in this film? It is essential, and when he got the work in this film, his entire struggle worked for him.

Bollywood actress Fatima worked very hard for this film. She constantly tried to improve how she displayed her movies and how she worked on her films, and this work of hers has helped her a lot. She used to do photography continuously before doing this film. She is also very fond of photography, and now she is doing it professionally because she was in great need of money and could not do it in any way. She wanted to do some employment, for which she continuously chose photography. She did this work very well in photography. She was seen doing some work as a salary, and there she made an outstanding effort, establishing herself here. But do 2 minutes to yourself. The more effort he puts into it, the more critical it will become to him.

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