Doctors say World Cup fever is causing major eye and heart ailments.

Kolkata, At a time when India is gripped by FIFA World Cup fever, with millions of spectators glued to television sets or other types of digital screens, two leading physicians from Kolkata have issued a warning to those who may be suffering from “Digital Eye Strain” illness.
According to them, the most typical symptoms of “Digital Eye Strain” condition include severe headaches, impaired vision, eye irritation, redness and gritty feeling, and excessive weeping.
Apart from these variables, they claim that extended sleep deprivation during midnight matches disrupts the human body’s normal equilibrium, affecting eye health as well as other systems such as the heart and nerves. The opthalmologists advised that it might produce severe dry eyes, dark circles, and puffiness of the eyelids.
Definite precautions, such as keeping the room well-lit while observing such matches, keeping the digital displays in safety goggles mode, taking short break time in between matches, and power naps during the breaks, according to Dr Joyeeta Das, consultant opthalmologist with Disha Eye Hospitals, can greatly reduce these physical complexities.
She advised viewers to avoid using contact lenses and touching their eyes when watching matches. “Most importantly, sleeping schedule should not be deprived at any cost,” Das stressed.
According to Dr PS Karmakar, consultant cardiologist at Techno India Dama Hospital, frequent viewing of high-tension world cup football matches has a significant negative impact on the human heart. According to him, the cheering and anxiety from the start to the finish of the game causes an increase of the usual impulse rate of a human heart, resulting in adrenaline secretion.
“Adrenaline secretion causes an abnormally fast heartbeat or a very intense hammering of the heart, which is known as heart palpitation. When a typical person’s heart experiences cardiac palpitation, the percentage of oxygen used by the heart muscles increases. When a spectator is elderly, the problem may worsen and perhaps become dangerous because the internal organs perform at a tired rate “He said.
He stated that as people age, their cardiac arteries become fairly thin, and there is insufficient blood flow to the heart muscles. “In this scenario if excessive excitement and anxiety is placed on the heart then it can fail to satisfy the demand of the needed big amount of oxygen intake since there’s already a shortfall in the typical amount of oxygen which has to be supplied. This scenario causes mild to severe to excruciating chest discomfort. There is also a risk of an abrupt heart attack, particularly among heart patients “he noted.

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