Donkeys on rise in Pakistan

According to the latest sources the population of dunkeys has been increasing in Pakistan over the period of time. Pakistan has held China responsible for reporting a lot of donkeys to the country. It is also noticeable that China has increased the import of donkeys all the way from Pakistan over the period of time. This is one of the serious topics of discussion because the level of food production and Pakistan is reducing over the period of time but it is important to note that the population of donkeys has grown by 3%. but this number has almost become three times then what existed only and it is only because of increasing interference of China that Pakistan cannot do anything about the increasing population of donkeys.

It is important to note what is the main reason due to which the demand for donkeys is increasing in China and it is purchasing many donkeys from that country over the period of time. It is important to note that China needs many donkeys and this reason is scientifically explained by different types of scientists who have been involved in the research in this respect.

According to the sources it has come forward that China needs gelatin from the skin and it is probably used to manufacture different types of traditional medicines that were earlier available in China. In China these donkeys are killed and then an attempt is made to boil the skin. It is important to understand that Chinese researchers have found the fact that this particular gelatin contains all the proteins which are excessively important for the well being of the human body. It is also important to boost the immunity of the human beings and the Medical Institute of China have officially authorised the utilisation of This gelatin over the period of time. It is important to understand that the ministry of Commerce has also approved of all the orders that have been placed by China in Pakistan with respect to the export of the required number of donkeys which are essential for the development of essential health supplements that will help to boost the immunity of all the people in China. The development of these medicines is important and crucial for the long term well being. This particular trade deal is definitely providing a lot of profit to Pakistan.

China has even paid advance to Pakistan for the supply of these animals. Some of the internal sources of also we need that Pakistan was not even having the money to arrange for the transportation of the animals and it was only China that was in the position to support Pakistan in all the possible ways it could over the period of time so that it became possible for the country to get it results on time. This is the aspect which has to be taken into consideration before analysing the intentions of the country.

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