DU discontinues Ambedkar course

The academic committee of the daily University has taken a new decision with respect to the number of the courses that the university provides to the undergraduates. The university is famous for providing an opportunity to these students to select an elective course on Ambedkar during their graduation as a part of the subject of philosophy. But the government has now decided to ensure that the strong ideologies of Ambedkar should not be taught to the students anymore in the subject of philosophy. The department of philosophy is being criticised to a great extent for including this particular course in this entire syllabus of the undergraduates. The standing committee has also decided that this particular course will not be offered under the undergraduate program and will be shifted to the post graduate program. The particular decision has been taken because the views of Ambedkar were very harsh and it impacted the mentality of the undergraduate to a great extent and that is why it was important to control the side effects of all of this. This particular suggestion has been invited by many students who did not want to pursue this kind of education in the long run.

The University has decided that the entire content of the philosophy Ambedkar will be linked with a separate course and it will not be offered as a part of the existing curriculum for philosophy. Ambedkar has played a very important role in providing a new set of ideas and dimensions in order to uplift the weaker sections of this society and it is important for the students to understand that completely and not only in parts. He is an important thinker of India who has contributed to create a new India and also he has contributed in the Indian Independence structure and also for the development of the Indian Constitution. Academic leaders want to understand the ways in which the readings Ambedkar will be able to benefit the students and the only way in which this can be achieved is to ensure that it is taught as a separate subject. A separate course on Ambedkar will contribute towards the development of a new set of thought. It has basically become the need of the hour and is likely to benefit the aspects in a better way.

The dean of the faculty has also expressed his opinion with respect to this decision and he is satisfied with this development because this will make it easy for the students of philosophy to complete the existing course and also undertake extensive research on such an important subject. This will be actually helpful to understand the importance of the community in a better way and also get a proper idea in which the students must study specially in a prestigious University like Delhi University. Delhi University is always known for the different types of innovations it introduces for the betterment of the students

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