Earthquake in Rajasthan

According to the latest sources, tremors of earthquake has been experienced in the steps of Rajasthan and other Pradesh in the magnitude has been sometime around 4.3 and this particular earthquake is definitely a mild one. But it has been able to produce a lot of damage in the neighboring States to a great extent and this is a serious condition which has been able to print to notice those sustainability of all the waiting that has been constructed by the government because most of the buildings have not be made according to the earthquake resistant Modelling and as per result of all of this buildings are the first one to collapse when ever the earth with comes up and it has basically exposed another shortcoming of the government because it was the duty of the government all the standards at the time of construction according to the law and the favory of the government to provide these facilities have definitely been link with the inefficiency of the government in the times. Ine Sach kind of situation the people have been demanding the compensation from the government because it is the failure and the indiffectiveness of the government to deliver the fromest services and if the services have not beat obtained in the tiny manner then the government definitely have the liability to be all of this to the people.

In such a kind of situation the people must definitely 5 for a complaint at the registered portal and wheat for the response from the government and according to the law or response will come with in a period of 15 days and the government will also be given at Charles to meet present itself before the up to create authority but if because any kind of evidence and justice for the particular kind of part then automatically the balls are in the court of the complaining and he has the right to be them in any way as he wants and he can also get to the government in anyway but since it is India justice is always delayed and people who do not have any fault continue to surface from all of this for yours to come. This basically puts all the people in a difficult situation because we have got no other option but to wait for justice to come them.

Waiting for justice at this point of time is definitely important and is not without any kind of libertation but it is a duty of the government to provide the access to the justice of soon as possible because it is one of the basic fundamental right of the people and it has to be exercised by them at every cost because if this particular light is left untouched then automatically it becomes impossible for the people to find the solution to all the problems that the government has basically created over the period of time because it is a delicate situation and has to it accordingly

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