ED takes strict action against culprit

The government has taken a tough stand against all the cases of money laundering in order to teach the people a lesson that India has got zero tolerance for corruption. The income tax officials have recently been responsible for arresting a businessman from Ahmedabad after an investigation by the enforcement directorate found him guilty of money laundering. According to the sources this person has been responsible for accepting and undue advantage of more than rupees 30 lakhs and he has got no method to prove the possession of such a high amount as the available level of income is not proportionate to the funds that have been discovered in his possession.

A case has been filed against the culprit and the police have taken Strict action by taking him behind the bars as soon as possible and starting the investigation in order to understand all the important points of the case which have not been revealed Till yet. It is important to understand that the Central Bureau of Investigation has played a very important role in collecting all the evidence against the culprit and also taking the statements of all those people who were involved in this crime.

It has been on the basis of all of these factors that the police has been in the position to take the culprit in the custody and an order from the court has also been obtained in order to carry forward the search operations at his house and also look for all the property documents that are with him for the time being. Not only this but also the investigations have also revealed that he was responsible for the transactions of more than rupees 4 crores in a span of 1 year and no official record has been proved in that respect by him so far. All of this has been in the position to complicate the matters for him and it is only with the help of his defense that he can come out of the situation but for the time being his case is very weak and his lawyers have also admitted this. It is important to understand that the court has demanded for the complete record of the transactions that have been made by him in the financial year of 2021 and 2022 but no such record has been filled by him for the court of law despite multiple reminders.

According to the allegations of the enforcement directorate he is also responsible for maintaining different shell companies over the period of time and most of the subsidiaries that he owns do not account the income that they earn. This is one of the most important aspects that has been able to take all the allegations against him and make his case weak over the time. The government has decided to take a stretraction against all of such cases in order to peach all the people a lesson that this has to be stopped so that the confidence of the people once again comes out.

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