Erdogan is willing to talk with Al-Assad but not to leave Syria.

Turkey is the Syrian opposition’s largest military and political supporter in the northwest. Still, if the condition is to erupt the Turkish army from the region, then this would not proceed.On Monday, speaking with the reporters, he is all set to visit for the next three days, like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. Also, Erdogan mentioned that Turkey always wanted the discussion on the Sayria matter, but Turkey never closed any door to the discussion.Turkey has huge military and political support for the Syrian opposition that manages the region’s last rebel-held bastion on the Turkish border in northwest Syria.The Syrian Army has huge support from Russia and cannot retake the region due to the hundreds of outputs Ankara has established and many troop bases. Turkey has also served the Syrian opposition organization since 2011.Also, we are open to arranging a four-party summit, including Iran, Russia, and Syria. I’m also willing to meet with Assad. The problem here is their approach towards us. Erdogan mentioned it while answering the journalists.Also, he added that it was not expected for Damascus to demand that Turkey completely withdraw its forces in exchange for such a meeting.In addition, Erdogan showed hope that he might meet with Al Assad for peace purposes. However, in March, Al Assad stated that this meeting with Erdogan had no purpose until Turkey finished its occupation in Syria; this illegal occupation must end.As per the Turkish authorities, to protect the southern border, this is crucial to have the army held in Syrian to secure the region. It struggles to drive out fighters related to the YPG, the Kurdish People’s protection units, which Ankara claims is the PKK’s Syrian offshoot. Also, there was a war between the Turkish government and the PKK in 1984, and the result of this fight was ten thousand deaths, many people killed.Here we are fighting against fear, terrorism. How can we back off meanwhile our country is constantly under threat under the target from the organization and terrorists along the border? We are expecting a clear deal Erdogan mentioned.The high-level meetings and discussions between the two neighbors since the 2011 Arab Spring revolution put Syria into a war and put it and Turkey at odds when the defense minister of Turkey and Syria met last year.In May, a meeting between the foreign minister was held in Moscow just before the Turkish election as part of the talk overseen by Russia.Arab communities or regions are trying to normalize the situation with Al Assad. However, many things could be improved between the regions.Following the deadly earthquake that hit southern Turkey and northwest Syria on February 6 and the reestablishment of connections between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which had supported opposing sides in the Syrian crisis through the Chinese mediation, repairing the connections with Damascus accelerated.A talk between Al Assad and the Iraqi Prime Minister in Damascus during the first visit of its kind to the war-torn region since the Arab spring began.In May, the decision permitted Syria now be back in the Arab League. Many residents of the Syrian rebel-held regions and the members of the court of political affairs were intended by the decision to admit Syrian back into the Arab League in May because they noticed it as justification for the government atrocities throughout the 12 years of war.

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