Even within America, Republican Party leaders are busy preparing for elections.

In America, the leaders who have fully mobilised here for their parties are seen continuously campaigning for them because the elections are very close, and they are entirely focused on the elections. The Republican Party is the leading party from which a wholly new President is seen. In the same way, this time, he is also making a new beginning here with a new post, and Nikki is being considered as the leading candidate for the position of President for this party, and she is seen doing good work for her party. From the beginning, she had made a lot of effort for her party so that she could reach here. She is constantly engaged in trying to achieve success, although last time her party could not get much recognition here, due to which many reasons are coming to the fore for her being made the President there.

The Republican Party is the same party from which Donald Trump became the President, and this time, in this party, apart from Nikki, Ramaswami of Indian origin is also considered prominent. It is believed that she, too, is entirely there. This time, he is ready to contest the elections and can also take over the post of President. For this, he is seen trying his best, one after the other. He has given many good results, one after the other. -Good recognition is also coming. He told her that he was very excited about the upcoming elections. He will be pleased with whatever honour or post he will be given in the forthcoming elections. However, many people also believe that Ramaswami can be considered the President of America this time because his vision is perfect. He intends to create good comfort and good relations with other countries.

Republican Party leaders were seen constantly fearing China.

Republican Party leader Nikki yesterday tried to speak entirely against China, and she said that China has declared war on America and is completely prepared with the war policy. For the last 60 years, it has been trying to defeat America, and its efforts to defeat us are progressing continuously, and it is going entirely in this effort. The sooner China moves towards America. This is a perfect thing for China but a terrible crisis for America. What a big country is against them. It can be seen that China has spoken against them in the past few days. Inside Harris Page, I saw the drones they had sent to spy on America. After this, America gave him an ultimatum that they would be ready to take strict action against him if he misbehaved again.

There are continuous problems for America; many countries are doing wrong activities against them, but America is seen fighting against the exercises. It is always right to say that those countries were not living together in a whole relationship. They will take action against those who commit filthy acts, and the countries that support them will always stand in their support. Whereas China has now become the biggest banned country in America, and China is also making an effort continuously. At the same time, America also believes that China’s service is much stronger than America’s service. It also has many other technologies that America does not have.

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