Eye flu cases to increase in Mumbai

Due to heavy rainfalls the Mumbai Municipal Corporation has been able to witness and increase if the double of cases of conjunctivitis and I flu and this has been able to question that what is the present situation which is happening for the time being because something of this kind was already seen last year and every time then the level of pain fall is beyond the level of comprehension and then such a situation it becomes important to understand the people must get the basic idea about what ever is happening I soon as possible so that they do not keep on the important details and get an idea about what ever has been happening over the period of time because for the time being this is a difficult situation and nobody knows what is solution for the same and most of the people have already decided to get them self tested as soon as possible because nobody can actually provide a solution to all of these factors over the period of time except this one and it is going to help people to a great extent if the solution comes out so that we can take all the preventive measures.

This is one of the best type of aspect which has to be taken into account as soon as possible because if this goes well then automatically things will be at ease for a long period of time and if it’s visible for the people to find the solution then this could be the best way in which people can understand what all has to be done in the best possible way because nobody has got the basic understanding about the factors which will make a difference in the times to come but the health implemented in order to prevent the problem as soon as possible. If this particular problem spreads up then automatically it will be causing the huge amount of problem to the world atlas and this will be a medium at of concern for all of them to peak into account in every situation without any kind of issue

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