Famous rapper of America arrested in drug case

The famous rapper of America who is none other than Fetty Wap has finally been sentenced to six years of prison. He has been prosecuted for his involvement in drug trafficking across the entire country of the United States of America. He is a famous superstar who has gained a lot of fame and name for the period of time. It is important to note that he was involved in distributing illegal drugs and medicines throughout the country. After the police arrested him his entire house and office was completely investigated. Not only this but also different Search and seizures were conducted at his place in order to extract every possible evidence which could be provided. It is important to note that this superstar has been found with a position of a hundred kilograms of cocaine and heroin. This position is completely illegal according to law. All the exchange of these drugs took place from 2019 to 2020 and after that he had also entered into several contracts with the distributors in Japan and other Western countries. This was proved by the transactions in his bank account which were made by his bank and received by the banks of Japan.

The drugs were transported and brought in the country of the United States of America through the best coast and after that different officers of the Postal service were involved in this entire drug campaign. He was responsible for transporting all of these drugs to different places of public such as stadiums and other types of places for the concerts. According to the order of the court all the evidence is against him and many of the testimonies have been recorded against him as well. In such a situation it is becoming important to understand the course of action that could be taken against them over the period of time according to the rule of law. Different substances have also been confiscated from the Long Island and all of them has been reduced before the court of law in terms of evidence. The Justice Department has tagged this superstar as the most important suspect and the culprit of this entire crime and that is why the most strict action would be taken against them.

It is important to note that this particular person was also arrested in 2021 but was then released because there was no evidence available against them but today a lot of evidence is available against him and he is making every possible way to save himself from this entire proceeding but it has become baby difficult for him because everything is against him for the time being. The stadium and every other area from where the drugs have been recovered is being investigated by the police.

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