Fans of Jr. NTR in Japan cry when they encounter the actor, the internet refers to him as a asli hero.

To promote RRR, which was released in Japan on Friday, Jr NTR communicated with his fans there. Many of his supporters lost control of their emotions and sobbed.
In Japan right now, Jr. NTR is advertising his movie RRR. He was with the rest of the cast, which included co-star Ram Charan and director SS Rajamouli. Before making its debut in the island country, the movie, a worldwide hit, was eagerly anticipated. In a recent YouTube video, fans can be seen crying and falling after seeing the actor.
NTR engages with fans and advertises RRR in Japan in the video. It was posted on Instagram on Friday by a paparazzi account with the description, NTR Jr.’s fandom transcends bounds! The sight of their favorite celebrity in Japan for #RRR marketing sent his admirers to tears. In the video, fans can be seen taking selfies and autographing NTR. In one moment, a fan who is sporting a t-shirt with NTR’s face on it sobs and wipes her eyes when she sees the actor. Another picture shows a group of admirers approaching NTR and starting to cry. Fans claimed that this demonstrated how the actor’s fame transcended national boundaries, with some remarks referring to him as an asli (genuine) hero.
NTR has previously participated in fan craze since coming to Japan. In a video, the actor could be seen receiving a gift and a letter in Hindi from the hotel staff. In the video, the actor could be seen conversing with hotel staff. Oh my God, this place is packed with people. In the letter, someone has also written “dhanyavad (thank you),” Jr. NTR added in the video. The hotel staff indicates that she is Nepali and that she writes in Hindi. NTR expressed his sincere gratitude to her.
Since moving to Japan, NTR has experienced fan mania before. In a video, the hotel staff was seen giving the actor a surprise and a message written in Hindi. In the video, the star could be seen introducing herself to hotel workers as she spoke with them outside a room. Oh my God, this place is packed with people. In the letter, someone has also written dhanyavad (thank you), Jr. NTR added in the video footage that was posted on fan pages. She is Nepali, according to the hotel workers, and writes in Hindi. NTR congratulated her for her thoughtful action.
On Wednesday, NTR and his wife landed in Japan to join Ram Charan and Rajamouli for RRR promotions. On Friday, the movie opened nationwide. The fictional story RRR, which takes place in the pre-independence era of the 1920s, is based on the lives of two notable revolutionaries and true heroes, Alluri Sitarama Raju, and Komaram Bheem.
With a total worldwide gross of 1112 crore, the movie is among the highest-grossing Indian movies of all time. Since its distribution on Netflix, it has also become a cult favorite in the US and has recently generated a lot of Oscars hype.

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