Finance Minister comes in support of Modi

The finance minister of India has finally taken a stand to support the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after a lot of people have criticized the Modi government for the kind of treatment which is provided to the Muslims over the period of time. Since the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone to the United States of America to be present India and also preside over the meetings of the White house and the Congress most of the media Agencies are attacking the Indian democracy on the ground that India is not at all a secular country and is not sympathetic to the needs of the Muslims which constituent a minority and it is completely against the level of tolerance which has been established by the United Nations.

In such a situation the finance minister in the recent interview has said that India is tolerant towards Muslims and India follows the policy of developing majority with minorities so that no community is left out. The constitution of the country does not allow any action which is against the policies of the government and which is discriminatory over the period of time.

It is important to understand that this particular topic was first of all taken into consideration by the previous president of America who was Barack Obama because according to his recent opinion he was the one who was going to discuss with the Indian Prime Minister that what are the plans with respect to the development of the Indian Muslims over the period of time. The Indian Prime Minister is trying the level best to provide equal opportunities to all the religions and make India a truly secular country and to an extent it has been able to support all of this progress over the time. The statements by the leaders of the United States of America are completely derogatory of the respect India has owned over the period of time. In such a kind of situation the finance minister of India has finally been in the position to take to the public platform that India was the only country which has given shelter to Muslims from 6 countries. At such a point of time nobody questioned the integrity of the country but rather everybody praised India for the policies it had implemented for the betterment of the entire country and the world as a whole but this time the situation is completely different because India is trying to support its own policies.

Highlighting the issue of Indian Muslims at such a public platform was not at all expected at all and this is something which has to be taken into consideration over the period of time. It becomes important to understand that the financial management of the country has gone a long way to support the development of each and every community of the country as a whole and it is only with the help of all of these measures that a solution can be reached as soon as possible. All of these accusations do not have any ground and the world needs to change its perspective.

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