Folks come to me solely for comedy

Tusshar Kapoor claims he waited for a murder mystery similar to Maarrich: ‘A lot of folks come to me solely for comedy.’
Tusshar Kapoor discusses Maarrich, his first murder mystery. He stated that he preferred to wait for such an offer after being solicited for largely comedy roles.
Tusshar Kapoor may not have had a new release in a long time, but the actor is now juggling various professional tasks. Meanwhile, Tusshar co-produced Akshay Kumar’s Laxmii and became an author with his novel, Bachelor Dad. The actor is a single dad to his six-year-old kid Laksshya and wrote about his parenting journey in response to all of the queries he has received since welcoming his lone child. Tusshar is returning with a murder mystery named Maarrich and discussed why he selected a project that wasn’t a comedy.
The 46-year-old actor portrays a cop in the thriller, which is about two horrible murders and six suspects. Dhruv Lather wrote and directed the film, which also stars Naseeruddin Shah, Rahul Dev, and Seerat Kapoor.
In 2017, your most recent theatrical release was Golmaal Again. Why did you choose Maarrich for your big screen comeback?
I didn’t want to do the same boring things that were being given to me. I wanted to try something new, which took some time. Many folks just come to me for comedy. It took some time for me to receive the proper deal. Otherwise, I’ve been preoccupied with other matters. It took some time for me to create Laxmii. In the meanwhile, the pandemic occurred, and I published a book. I didn’t have much time to devote to filming another film. Then there was Maarrich. It’s a well-made low-budget film that I also produced.
What exactly does the name Maarrich mean?
Maarrich is the epitome of wickedness. It’s a villain disguised as a hero. Maarrich appeared in Ramayan as a deer. The killer in the film is a Maarrich, who is not apprehended because he is exceedingly intelligent and disruptive.
Is the film different from anything you’ve done before?
It’s a murder mystery, something I’ve never done before. I’ve generally done comedy characters, with a few gloomy ones thrown in for good measure, but no whodunnit.
Do you have a favourite recollection from the film’s production?
It was a long and arduous shoot. That is also true of the subject. We weren’t together all the time because various characters kept popping up. We also had to contend with the weather. I was really focused on many areas of the picture, such as my performance, since I was producing, and I was taking care of multiple things. There was no time to relax. What stands out is that we had a start-to-finish schedule in real Mumbai locations. We were making a low-budget film that looks like a well-made film, is shot realistically, can entertain people, and has glamour but not in your face.
These days, web series are usually used to investigate such topics. Do you receive such offers for OTT?
I get a lot of offers, but they never materialise once I say yes. I’ve said yes to both thrillers and comedy. I also said yes to a remake of an Israeli sitcom, but the procedure took too long, and the epidemic was also causing a lot of commotion, so nothing could come to fruition.
Since you’re also a producer, do you get advise from your sister Ekta Kapoor?
I do seek her advice, and she has excellent judgement in terms of marketing, trailers, and promotions. We don’t get in each other’s way.
You’ve authored a parenting book? Do your friends and fans seek your parenting advice?
A lot of parents question me about what I do for my kid in many areas such as his courses, academics, and discipline. They approach me not for guidance, but to see how I do everything on my own while being single. So I prepared a book to address their queries and let them know that this is my narrative, what occurred, and how it all worked out.
Will you be taking on additional job now that your youngster is a little older?
Of course, yes. He is going to be seven in June. Maarrich is debuting in theatres on December 9. Laxmii and I have finished our books. Now I’m hoping to go back to obtaining more releases. I don’t have to be with him all the time because he is now pretty independent. Anyways, I am with him on my off days or after my shoot.

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