Food security impacted by climate change

According to the latest kind of update which has been issued by different types of government organisations that can be completely understood that the food security levels of India has been affected due to a number reasons and one of the most important reason due to which it has been affected is the climatic change and it is completely ever didn’t it whatever has happened with tomatoes this time that it is it basic commodity of food and PP cannot afford it because they have crossed every level. It becomes important to note that India has always been very conscious about the valuability of proper food items to all the people because it is fun of the most important fundamental right that has been provided to the people by the constituent and write to food and Taxes ability of food items is something which has been always the most important objective of the Government and in such a kind of situation it is a duty of the government to make all of these factors available as soon as possible because if these factors are not available then automatically it will become difficult for the government to find out today’s period of time.

But a latest report by the Indian Medical Council has basically given a statement that due to the different changes that the climate has been able to report there has been a huge amount of impact on the food security levels because the available tea and the quality of the food has been affected to a great extent and in such a kind of situation it has become extremely important for the government to find out ways in which something has to be done about it as soon as possible because if things do not get can sold over the period of time then automatically it will become difficult for the people to understand what is going to be the next possible can fusion that will be helpful to save the people in the times to come. The government wants to provide every possible opportunity to the people and it is possible for the government to provide all of these kind of opportunities to people only when it is supported by evidence and this evidence is basically sponsored by the multiple stakeholders that work all time in order to provide services to the people.

The extent of boiling that has already been taken into account if something which is completely a serious issue but if the situation is not taken into account as soon as possible then automatically will become complicated for the people to get a complete solution to the issue because food is the basic right and nothing can be done without it that is why the government has to act immediately so that the negative impact of environment changes minimised and people get what ever the expect in terms of good quality food and soon as possible because this is objective of the government in the times

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