Freddy, starring Kartik Aaryan, reaches the target with its clever marketing techniques.

Actor Kartik Aaryan came up with the concept of not releasing a trailer for Freddy, which aided in building tremendous excitement for the thriller.
When it comes to content, OTT is becoming increasingly interesting. Freddy, starring Kartik Aaryan, was released on an OTT platform last week, and moviegoers and critics alike have been raving about it. The thriller has been well received by audiences, and it has been dubbed his best performance to date. The film’s sharp and calculated marketing and promotional campaign, which included the unconventional route of not releasing a movie trailer, as well as not doing multiple city tours and on-location events, instead introducing audiences to the world of Freddy with teasers and mini clips, sparked a lot of interest and curiosity.
The technique worked in the film’s favour, and it is being used as a case study by other studios and producers. Producer Jay Shewakramani says of Freddy’s marketing, “Having Kartik on Freddy was a revelation not just in the way he astonished fans in a genre he’d never explored before, but also with his contribution to the film’s marketing and advertising.” Few people know that it was Kartik who recommended and persuaded us to skip the trailer and instead tease audiences with only the Mini Clips and songs. The method worked effectively for us and increased interest in the project, as seen by the positive welcome and affection it has gotten.”
Building a strong buzz in a film’s pre-release phase is always vital, especially when the picture belongs to the thriller genre, creating a solid buzz across all age groups of the people might be difficult. However, Freddy had created the proper atmosphere for the people who were eager to see this picture. Superstars such as Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan have already demonstrated marketing expertise, and based on Freddy’s success, Kartik appears to be the latest prodigy.
Joginder Tuteja, a trade expert, adds, “It has been demonstrated time and again that the manner in which a picture is advertised has a significant influence on its performance and statistics.” And Freddy is a recent example of marketing and advertising that were novel yet effective. Kartik has reinvented movie marketing this year. Previously, with BB2, he pushed marketing strategies to new heights post-pandemic. And now, with Freddy, the actor recognised the genre’s intrigue and mystery and spoke about it just to the point where you had a sense of the picture but didn’t know its tale. Kartik has a keen awareness of marketing and promotion, as well as the complexities of the game.”
All we can say is that this thriller has delighted everyone from its first release, and the marketing has taught everyone a thing or two.

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