From the elephant to the ant, Javed gives Bollywood trend animals in Thugs of Hindustan are also given by him.

In Bollywood, animals are often used in many films, and almost all movies, such as Talking Parrots, are used. Dogs are used in many places. Dogs like donkeys or cows are also used in a film about the army. We get to see the use of any such thing in one or the other film, and in almost every film, we see some or the other animal. It’s because no movie is that good without animals.

Especially if we see Akshay Kumar is such an actor who appears in the role of some animal in each of his films. There are many good films, but there are some selected films in which these animals have been used very beautifully. For example, when Aamir Khan sat on a donkey in Thugs of Hindostan, that donkey was also trended. Still, the credit for all this goes to Javed because Javed is such a person that Bollywood has been transformed into animals ranging from ants to an elephant. Supply, and they had more than one trendy animal. When Aamir Khan was sitting on a donkey in Thugs of Hindostan, Javed did not even teach English commands to that donkey, and the use of these animals looks very beautiful in films and is quite more important.

Javed has opened Gurukul for animals in Mumbai. He trains every animal.

We often see such scenes that when we feel that boring scenes are going on in the film, then some animal is used at that place so that our mind gets inside it. If that scene looks perfect, then all these are supplied by Javed, and an Animal Gurukul has been opened by him in Mumbai, inside which he trains animals. The dog with whom he was seen was also supplied by Javed.

In the film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, elephant horses used by Salman Khan were supplied by Javed, and in Gurukul, Javed says that dogs, elephants, cats, horses, parrots, pigeons, and donkeys vote for all these animals and Bring them in contact with humans and enhance them in Bollywood, which looks like a beautiful scene. The entire Bollywood industry also thanks Javed a lot for watching us in films, and Javed has a huge fan following in the Bollywood world. There is a role, and we can say that an important role has been given to Javed because whatever animals are needed in the films are provided by Javed during the shooting.

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