Gadar 2 created wonders at the box office

Gadar 2 is the second part of Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s 2002 funny film, and on August 11, it was released at the box office, for which both of them had prepared a lot and fiercely promoted this film. He said that there should be plenty in promoting this film. He was thinking a lot about the way the Ghadar 2 film is going to break new records one after the other. He said that After a long wait of 22 years, if the second part of a film comes, it is expected that people would like to watch that part more and more. People have a competitive spirit inside their minds, that too will be very good and people will watch it quickly. I want to see it soon, but its booking has already been completed and yet people’s craze towards it is also going to increase now and seeing the first day’s collection, people would like to see it even more.

The first part of Gadar 2 came inside 2002. Gadar 2 had earned a lot even then, and Anil Sharma took almost 20 years to make the second part of this film. When it’s shooting was completed, on August 11, it would be entirely released at the box office. Still, there were many hurdles in the middle of this film. Ansari got out of the limitations. He has played a role in this film. He is also pleased that he has an excellent performance in this film and in the coming time he can be seen doing even better acting and has given him a role in other films. But recently it has been said that he worked very hard for this film.

Omji 2 earned ten crores yesterday.

When the Ghadar 2 film was released on August 11 at the box office, this film made many records on the first day and earned a whopping Rs 40 crore on the first day, and within this year 2023, it is expected to earn Rs 40 crore. Before this, Pathan film had done this feat, and Pathan film had achieved a record by reducing 50 crores on the first day. Still, this year till now, no one has been able to break its record and Ghadar 2 film which Now it has reached the market, so it is being said that it can earn even more in the coming days, while the director of the film has said that within the first week, it is expected that this film will cross 200 crores.

On August 11, another film was also released, which was O My God 2, and this film’s collection was instrumental. This film earned only ten crores on the first day, although Akshay Kumar had a lot of expectations from this film. It will also perform well, but it didn’t act accordingly and proved flimsy at the box office. However, this movie is also expected to perform well in the coming time, and within the first week, it can maintain its record.

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