Girls falls in the waterfall

A very different kind of incident has took place in Chhattisgarh because according to the latest sources a girl of 17 years had jumped into the Chitrakoot waterfalls just because her parents scolded her for committing a blunder of mistake and that was only with respect to using a lot of mobile over the period of time and she had to stop using mobile immediately according to the latest command of the payment but she did not follow the commands and kept on using the mobiles due to which her mother and father had to punish her to a great extent which ultimately post her to commit you side by jumping of from the river. In such a kind of situation it becomes important to understand that these incidence has become baby common for the people to understand that every child has got its own mintality level and it is for the tables to understand before providing any kind of command or even scolding the children in anyway because these unfortunate incidence have be potential to shake the confidence of the entire generation and now that the girl is no more it has been able to teach a baby important listen to all the parents.

The government has decided to take a strict action against the parents because completely against the code of conduct which is basically followed for all the driven and this is an important condition which has to be taken to account in every situation because this has become the most important objective of making children understand the importance of making things happen at a feet speed because if they don’t have been on time then automatically it will be difficult for most of the people to have complete time in the times to come. It is only with the help of proper objectives and guidelines that something can be done about this problem as soon as possible because it things to not turn back to being normal then automatically it will be a decipit situation for all the people over the period of time and this is something which has to be taken into account as soon as possible before it is too late because most of the people have they won’t precautions which they have to take him to consideration for getting a better outcome in the times to come. Support of the government is important because with the help of proper awareness programs that AP possible to educate the people to a great extent and also provide the message of delivering A bitter performance over the time.

The particular incident will also be investigated in order to discover that no other person is responsible for the accident because if any other person has his involvement then automatically a strict absolute be taken against him as soon as possible before the student because it has become the need of the hour in every possible situation and something has to be done about it.

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