Government of UK in troubled waters

The Government of Britain has been finally given a deadline. This particular deadline is with respect to convincing the Prime Minister of Britain to hand over all the conversation that took place between the previous Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other offices of the Government of the United Kingdom at the time of the pandemic. It is important to note that he was responsible for setting up a legal action and now he has been caught in the same. All the documents such as notebooks, diaries and even whatsapp messages have been taken into account.

It is important to understand that the disclosure of the full information between the government officials will not be in the position to set up a proper precedent.. The investigations have already been started and all the potential evidence has been collected for the investigation to take place. The authorities have the power to call witnesses and other types of persons to give statements with respect to the entire situation that got covered in the year of 2020. The former prime minister has been in the position to provide for a better support system in order to complete the investigation.

According to the sources the country of the United Kingdom had to experience the death of more than 2 lakh people during the time of the pandemic and this has been officially taken note of. The investigations will now be in the position to understand the intention behind the decision of the Johnson’s Government and it contributed to all of this loss. This particular investigation has been initiated at the petition which has been filed by all the families who had to lose their loved ones due to the scarcity of treatment. It is important to understand that the country of the United Kingdom is very developed and it is definitely not suitable for the country to take any step which will leave a bad impression on the quality of governance on the people in any way. Johnson was the head of the government at that point of time and according to all the officials he was the signing authority. It was practically impossible to finalise any decision without his consent and that is why he is ultimately accountable to the people for all the decisions that he took that point of time.

The government has been given a deadline to provide this material as soon as possible and if the government fails to submit the material on time it will not be provided with another opportunity to do the needful and this will amount to an adverse conclusion against the previous Prime Minister. It is important to understand that Johnson has not given any statement for the time being and it will be all dependent upon the discussions that will take place among all the official so that similarity of the judgement can be prevented over the period.

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