Guidelines for traffic management in Delhi

The Delhi police has taken an important step according to which it will be possible for the people to avoid getting caught in the jam the maximum possibly extent for the simple reason that the government will understand the multiple factors which will be associated with all of these situations and have completely issued a guideline according to which it will be possible for the people to understand in advance that which part of the city has been water long and which part of the city should be choose in order to commute from one place to another due to the heavy rainfalls which this national capital has been receiving for the past week now. According to the latest update by the Indian Meteorological Department national capital will continue to receive heavy rainfalls for another 5 to 6 days and nothing can be done about it because the level of Yamuna has already increased on the safety levels and warnings have activation of the people in your Yamuna because anytime people have to get affected into flood like situations in different parts of Delhi. It becomes important to note that Delhi is one of the most important part of India and if it is difficult for the people to commute from one place to another than automatically the problems will increase over the period of time to were great extend.

The traffic police has he should a detailed regulation with respect to the different types of cities and different types of roots which are completely open for the people and the other type of areas of the state which has been blocked with accessive water and many people since the do not know which part is blocked. Making such a kind of disclosure will definitely help people to understand the importance of getting proper advice on time and at the same point of time it will help people to your life that such kind of behaviour is completely acceptable only when people understand that without basic knowledge it will be impossible for the people to get an idea about all of these factors. This will help to solve the problem of traffic and also provide convenience to the people that will help to save a lot of time which is currently lost due to searching for the best path to travel.

It becomes important to estimate that without the assistance of people coming into all of these factors it is simply not suitable to get a proper advice and it is upon the people to understand that the regulations which has been disposed by the country and other random forces must be avoided because they may try to missed people but the ones that have been issued by the government should be trusted at any cost because they will definitely help the people.

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