Gujarati posters label Kejriwal “anti-Hindu,” but he claims God sent him

A series of posters displaying the AAP leader wearing a skull hat and labeling him “anti-Hindu” appeared on streets in many parts of the state on Saturday, the day Arvind Kejriwal began his most recent campaign visit to Gujarat, where Assembly elections are soon to be held.

The posters, which surfaced after alleged video footage of AAP’s Delhi Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam at a religious conversion event, were denied involvement by the state’s ruling BJP. Later on Saturday, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju shared one of these videos on Twitter along with a question to Kejriwal about why he was letting such intolerance.

Late on Friday night, Rijiju tweeted to inquire as to why the AAP leader and his crew despise Hindus and Hindutva. In response, Kejriwal said he was born on Krishna Janmashtami and that God sent him to save mankind from the offspring of (the demon) Kans at a speech in Vadodara.

Several posters that appeared on the side walls of buildings in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, and Vadodara were the cause of the most recent political conflagration in Gujarat. The majority of these flyers featured Kejriwal wearing a skull cap and wrongly attributed anti-Hindu sentiments to the AAP leader. They were signed by an unidentified group calling itself the Hindu Hitrakshak Samiti. The majority of them echoed the same message: These are the values and traditions of the Aam Aadmi Party.

An alleged video of AAP Minister Gautam was posted on Friday with disparaging captions by the Gujarat BJP’s official account. The film said that these forgers, who took oaths promising not to worship Hindu gods and goddesses, would fail in Gujarat.

On Saturday, Union Minister Rijiju tweeted: Kejriwal Ji why are you permitting such hatred? While sharing what appeared to be a video of the AAP Minister. There is no distinction between Hinduism and Buddhism, according to our gurus, both of which have their roots in ancient Indian culture. By integrating Buddhism into India’s overall strategy, Modi Ji gave Buddha Jayanti its first official status!

I truly don’t understand why Arvind Kejriwal and his gang despise Hindus and Hindutva so much, Rijiju had previously tweeted. Rahul Gandhi, I can understand, but Arvind Kejriwal, not so much.

Rutvij Patel, a co-spokesperson for the Gujarat BJP, responded, The BJP has nothing to do with it when questioned about the Kejriwal posters. It is a sudden outburst of popular fury. Later, the BJP claimed in a news release that several AAP office-holders in Jamnagar had switched over to the opposition group, saying: Angry with the anti-Hindu pledges taken by the Aam Aadmi Party minister whose recordings went viral, 15 former office-bearers of AAP with 200 workers, joined BJP.

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