Heatwaves kills people in UP

The state of Uttar Pradesh is facing a tough time for the time being because a lot of people have died due to the increasing temperature in the state. According to the sources around 23 patients have died because of the heat stroke in a single day and around 20 people died a day before. The government has also been in the position to give a statement that it has been because of a very strong heat wave that a lot of people had to die and the government had got nothing to do with the death of so many people because it is a natural calamity which cannot be ignored.

Most of the people have died because of the scarcity of water and after the report came out it was revealed that this scarcity of water was responsible for causing chest pain which ultimately resulted in a cardiac arrest or a heart attack. The government hospitals have been in the position to record the highest rate of death in all these years and this is nothing but due to the change in the temperature which is being experienced in the entire part of the country.

It is important to note that a curious estimate of death has been beyond the official records and according to the accusation by the opposition government the present government is not releasing the exact dates. It is the responsibility of the government to provide facilities related to water so that it will be feasible for the people to stay healthy for the time being. But the level of information has been brought by the official sources and nothing can be done about it. The state government has acted very carelessly. It is important to understand that the state government has not been in the position to provide even a single government hospital for the people in order to provide them treatment and because of the lack of the basic facilities of health cure so many people have already died that it has become difficult to count them all. This has to be taken into account because we access two basic health benefits in the form of food and medicines, including timely treatment, which is the basic fundamental right of every citizen and cannot be ignored at any cost.

The government should be responsible for all of this and it is upon the government to provide for opportunities that will help to solve these problems in the long run for the sustainable development of the city as compared to other prospects over the period of time. It is only with the help of this aspect that the government can take a better take for the upliftment of the society as a whole so that a better achievement can be promoted in the long run that will help the country to touch the height of sky. It has not be for the first time that the state of Uttar Pradesh has not been in the position to provide proper health facilities to the people.

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