Hrithik Roshan stated that “marriage happens when you discover someone wonderful”

When Hrithik Roshan stated that “marriage happens when you discover someone wonderful,” he referred to it as a “consequence, not a plan.”
Hrithik Roshan, Happy Birthday: The actor had earlier commented on how marriage is a ‘consequence and not a plan’. Hrithik is now involved with Saba Azad.
Years after he divorced his wife, interior designer Sussanne Khan, actor Hrithik Roshan opened out about their marriage. In an earlier interview in 2017, Hrithik told Hindustan Times that marriage comes ‘when you discover someone wonderful’. He also stated that marriage is a result, not a design.
Sussanne Khan was Hrithik’s previous wife. They married in December 2000 and divorced in November 2014. Hrithik and Sussanne have two kids, Hridhaan Roshan and Hrehaan Roshan. Hrithik is now involved with actor Saba Azad. On his 49th birthday, we present an old interview in which he discussed marriage.
“I feel pleased and content,” Hrithik remarked in an interview with Hindustan Times. I am surrounded by affection and creatively fulfilled. I can’t think of anything I miss right now. When you discover someone amazing, marriage or relationship occurs. Marriage is also a result, not a design. So you can’t arrange a wedding.”
Speaking about his boys, Hrithik had stated, “Every actor is busy, but you need to have your priorities straight and allot time. I enjoy spending time with my children, and we’ve been doing it (going holidays) since they were old enough. Our holidays are exhausting. In the afternoons, there is no time to relax and sleep. The tours are all about facing and overcoming anxieties.”
Hrithik, Saba, his boys, and cousin Pashmina Roshan recently celebrated the New Year together. Pashmina posted a video to Instagram with the remark, “Thank you 2022, Hello 2023.” Hrithik lighted and released the sky lights in the video. His sons and Saba both assisted him.
Hrithik and Saba’s romance sparked speculation after they were seen out on a dinner date together in February of last year. She afterwards joined Hrithik’s family for a gathering. The rumours were put to rest when the two strolled hand in hand at actor Karan Johar’s 50th birthday party. The couple is routinely observed at various venues and events. Their connection has yet to be officially confirmed.
Hrithik will next be featured in Siddharth Anand’s next aerial action movie Fighter, with Deepika Padukone and Anil Kapoor. The film is scheduled to be released in theatres in January 2024. Saba will next be seen in Songs of Paradise, co-starring with Soni Razdan.

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