If there is a war, China can destroy the Indian satellite.

On October 12, 2020, early in the morning, there was a sudden complete power failure in Mumbai; it was completely dark in many areas, even inside the hospitals; emergency generators had to be run to run the ventilators, the stock market had also come to a complete standstill, but All this did not happen due to any fault, all this army of Chinese hackers hacked the power grid. Only after that, this entire power supply was stopped; now, China is thinking two steps ahead and wants to hack the satellites of all its enemy countries, change them and destroy them completely. All these things have been revealed in America’s intelligence document that soon China will take some such steps which will not be right for any country, and it will never be considered right to do the same with any other country.

America’s defense officials said that China has been successful to a great extent in developing military space technology, including satellite communication. America’s Space Force Chief said that China is continuously increasing its capabilities regarding space. He wants to control the whole world inside space and bring the satellites of the whole world under his control and manage them according to his own accord. China’s military has so far launched 347 satellites, of which 35 satellites were launched in the last six months only, which is a big record. Still, China has launched this satellite to attack many of its enemy countries, including India and America. To keep an eye on the armies of India, they have launched these satellites to keep an eye on other countries.

China is continuously targeting the Indian government’s website.

Through its cyber activity, the Chinese government is continuously targeting its enemy countries’ health care, financial service, defense, industrial, and government facilities. Even before this, according to a report, it came to light that when India was making Corona vaccine, China was trying to know through hacking inside India’s health care department, where India reached. It was trying to find out all the information related to Corona. I was trying to steal the data, although China could not get success in this because India has also come a long way in the field of technology.

In March 2021, Singapore’s company Cypharma claimed that China’s government cyber expert hacked the websites of two major vaccine manufacturing companies in India and is constantly trying to steal their information. On April 6, 2022, an American cyber security firm had already warned India that China was hacking the website of their power grid’s control room and wanted to destroy it by hacking it.

With the help of its intelligence hackers, China enters the servers of India’s sites and tries to steal their database from there; however, in response to this, India has also made all its government websites and any malware to prevent attacks. They have installed a power shield, which is a security feature, and they have also installed SSL certificates in all the websites so that no one can directly hack their website like this.

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