IMD Director to contest the elections at WMO

The Managing Director of the Indian Meteorological Department will now be standing for the post of vice president of the world Meteorological organisation. He will be able to hold a very important position at the world Meteorological organisation which is one of the most important agencies of the United Nations to monitor the changing effects of Climate Change and also issue early warnings to different regions of the world so that they can be prepared with respect to the impending disaster.

It is important to note that the executive Council of the world Meteorological organisation also includes a general secretary along with a President and three types of vice president which shoulder different types of responsibilities over the period of time. It is also managed by 6 types of regional Association presidents which work in different regions in order to consolidate the functioning of 27 who are placed in order to discharge the functions of the regional heads of different communities. All of them help to perform the functioning of the national Meteorological departments which are placed in different countries.This time it will be governed by an Indian member which will be a very great achievement for the country as a whole.

Mohapatra was in the position to highlight all the achievements that India has made in the Meteorological sector in the past 10 years and also explain the way in which it will continue to increase the level of growth over the period of time with the help of its consistent efforts. India has adopted all the latest technology in order to forecast the weather and also issue boilings according to the international standards that have been set up by the international meteorological department. It has been very open to the adoption of latest features that help to increase the feasibility of weather detection. All of these latest technologies have increased the weather forecast accuracy by around 40%. The world Meteorological organisation has also praised the Indian sectors for making such a great achievement and all of this has been possible under the leadership of Mohapatra who is now contending for the leadership of vice president of the world meteorological organisation.

The recent prediction of the cyclones that were expected to hit the Indian coast and the coast of Bangladesh was also correct and this was something unbelievable and unexpected at the Indian end. It was only with the help of this possibility that the lives of so many people could be saved as they were rescued beforehand and even loss to property was prevented. India has always been able to make notable contributions in order to provide guidance with the help of the satellites and 3D technology which has been installed by the Indian software companies. It is important to understand that India is also working in order to improve the technology and install monsoon programs in order to contribute to the world Meteorological organisation and its effort to reduce the risk in the world to the minimum possible extent.

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