In his humorous remarks on Deepika Padukone’s most recent live video, Ranveer Singh writes, “Apne naram haatho se…”

In a live broadcast, actress Deepika Padukone introduced a new skincare product, and comedian Ranveer Singh interrupted the conversation with amusing remarks.
You can always rely on Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone to respond to each other’s live streams in the funniest possible ways. Deepika shared a live video on Instagram on Thursday to introduce a new product from her recently launched 82E skincare line. But Ranveer’s remarks were what caught everyone’s attention.
Ranveer offered humorous comments on Deepika’s post as she described the benefits of her goods. “Wah Wah, skincare is something that even I am interested in,” he added. “Even I applied moisturising cream on my face,” I said. “Thoda maintain karna acchi baat hai.” Taking good care of your skin is important, he continued. He said, “I have worries, I have greasy skin.”
When Ranveer added, “Apne naram haathon se mere chehre pe moisturiser laga do (apply moisturiser on my face with your gentle hands),” things became a bit more thirsty.
Previously, Deepika had inquired about Ranveer’s location in the comments part of an Insta Live session where the actor car jams with rapper Slow Cheetah.
One of the most adored couples in Indian cinema is Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. When they first met, they clicked while filming the Ram-Leela movie in 2013. Despite several obstacles, such as a six-year age difference and the fact that they belong to different cultures, they fell in love and made the decision to get married.
In front of their closest friends and family, the pair exchanged vows in a grandiose ceremony on November 14, 2018, in Italy. Deepika and Ranveer have since remained supportive of one another’s professional endeavours and have grown to be one of the most beloved couples in the business. They are renowned for their lighthearted online banter and charming public demonstrations of devotion.
Soon, Deepika and Shah Rukh Khan will be starring in Pathaan. This week’s early release of the first song from the movie Besharam Rang has generated a lot of criticism. Narottam Mishra, the home minister for Madhya Pradesh, voiced his disapproval of the song on Twitter. The minister tweeted that he shared a video of himself speaking to local media and expressed uncertainty about whether the movie will be permitted to be released in Madhya Pradesh.

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