In order to defeat BJP in Telangana, KCR aims to bring Etala back.

According to two sources, one each in the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has prepared a blueprint to deal the Opposition a blow, especially set out a narrative that the BJP has no future in the state and that leaders of other parties who join it can’t last long and will return (BJP).
According to reports, a key element of the plan is giving former minister Etala Rajendar “a deal he cannot refuse,” which might involve the position of deputy chief minister as well as other consoling benefits. However, both sides publicly denied the existence of such a man oeuvre, maybe as a result of the timing of the inquiry.
After Munugode, K. Chandrashekar Rao does not want to give the BJP any breathing room or room to get aggressive, a top TRS leader declared. He has planned a program of shock and awe that won’t give the BJP time to process what just happened. The TRS will make a beeline from the Nampally headquarters to Pragati Bhavan rather than defensively trying to defend its own leaders from being poached or even simply watching passively while the BJP goes on the prowl for demoralized Congress stalwarts. “As part of it, talks are ongoing with former leader Etala Rajendar, who is exceedingly displeased and has been ignored by the BJP, to make a comeback.
He will most likely be given the position of Deputy CM and taken care of. The BJP is unlikely to recover till the next elections if Rajendar returns following the loss in Munugode, the senior claimed. It was interesting to note that few prominent state BJP leaders appeared to be aware of the changes. We are aware that offers are being made, but we are at a loss as to why Rajendar will return, a BJP senior declared. If he came back, what would be left of his reputation? Because he is taking on KCR and TRS, he is admired today.
“It is not difficult to understand the desperation of the TRS, considering the kind of fight that took place in Munugode,” a second BJP senior added. Even at the height of the Huzurabad campaign, the TRS offered one of our leaders the position of Deputy CM, but BJP leaders will not yield to any pressure, whether political or otherwise. An MP who is a second TRS leader denied the allegations. “There is not a shred of truth about it. We haven’t extended a similar invitation and don’t intend to. The MP stated that the BJP, not the TRS, is lacking in leaders.
In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, Rajendar stated, “The TRS is so desperate that they have launched this campaign against me after winning an unethical struggle in Munugode, where they set records for spending money and exhibiting heights of exploitation of EC and police to micro-manage a win. The only goal is to prevent my advancement inside the BJP and the growth of the party. Rajendar responded, but insiders from both parties claimed that only a few minor things still needed to be worked out in order to have a grand “ghar wapsi.” Additionally, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao would get the final laugh in opposition to the party that seeks to capture power by poaching his leaders.

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