India and Maldives enhance strategic relations

India and Maldives have recently agreed to enhance their Corporation in the defence sector. This not only shows their respect towards International laws but also is a significant step to grow the influence across the Indian Ocean region which is currently occupied by China as a part of its one road initiative. India is also assisting Maldives in order to establish Maldives National Defence Force harbour. This will be a kind of coast guard that will be used to protect the Indian and the Maldives borders from China. According to the Defence Minister of India, this level of cooperation is important in order to address the security challenges. China has been able to affect the strategic relationships between India and Maldives due to its constant attempt to break down the relationship. But everything has been affected terribly and the Chinese efforts have been reduced to nothing.

The two countries have decided to hold regular meetings in order to review the situation and also get an idea with respect to the upcoming developments which will be required to mitigate the situation. India has also supported different types of defensive projects in Maldives. The coast guard facility in Maldives will now be able to tackle different types of emergencies. India has already released its first phase of funding and will definitely transfer the remaining amount according to the terms of the agreement over the period of time. India and Maldives have been facing common security challenges from China for a period of 2 years now. China has not made a strategic move ever since then but with the passage of time there is a possibility that China might create instability in the region because the deployment of Chinese troops across this region has been increasing over the last 2 months.

It is hoped that the Chinese government will take active steps for breaking this partnership because if the relationship between India and Maldives improves then the position of China would be weakened over the period of time. Indian counterparts have confirmed continuous support to the Chinese government. This is one of the most important aspects which must be taken into consideration over the period of time. T It will be followed by continuous drills and military exercises between India and Maldives so that both of the countries are prepared for every upcoming danger. This is one of the most important factors which must be taken into consideration before analysing the relationships between the two countries over the period of time.

India is also likely to promote such a kind of development with other kinds of countries so that the growing power of China can be controlled.

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