India sought America’s help in Sushant Singh case

Sushant Singh Rajput ji committed suicide about three years ago; that suicide was called a pea, and there was a lot of discussion inside India; after that, it was handed over to CBI, and CBI is investigating this case. Although many faces of Bollywood were going to settle inside it, and it was being told that the names of prominent directors of Bollywood and Nani actors were also going to appear during this case, this case was being suppressed continuously. An attempt was made, and those prominent actors in Bollywood tried to suppress this case based on their money.

During that time, he said that efforts were being made to suppress this case by putting pressure on the CBI continuously, but it was necessary to end it completely. For which the opposition parties were trying that the big faces should not be named and Sushant Singh Rajput’s case should be kept like a suicide, it should not be named murder, but till now, Bollywood is constantly in the clutches of this case. I am trapped because, till now, Sushant Singh has not received justice, and his family members always appeal to why CBI is not investigating completely.

CBI also tried to suppress this case

When the CBI started this case from the beginning, he seemed active and fully prepared for it, but when he sought help from America, all his Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and his Gmail account were stolen. Record the data and hand it over to the Indian CBI to help them investigate it, and if they reach the depth of the case, America did not help India on this, and the CBI says that it has been three years today. They then sought help from America in this regard, but till today, they have been waiting for this help from America, and America could not help them.

In the agreements between India and America, it has been said that they are always ready to help each other; whether it is a technology-related problem or any other problem, they will always be ready for each other. Still, if America had helped inside, its results would have come today. Still, for three years, CBI is also trying to suppress this case continuously so that they, too, do not hear anything about it from anyone. Whenever CBI was asked about this, they said that due to not getting the help of America, they are not taking this case forward, and Devendra has to raise this case again in the last three days.

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