Indian Wrestlers protest before the new Parliament building

The fight of the Indian wrestlers has taken a new stand for the time being. It is important to note that according to the latest development the tele police has taken into custody a group of wrestlers who decided to protest in front of the new Parliament building. The first protest was organised at Jantar Mantar and many of them were even taken into police custody. Not only this but also different people, the winners and medalists at the Olympics who first simply fought for their rights. The police had charged them with unofficial assembly and other types of offences amounting to the development of public nuisance. All of these wrestlers are protesting against the Indian Wrestlers Federation. The entire police force of Delhi was deployed in order to control the protest in the minimum amount of time but the efforts were completely in vain. Different wrestlers from the different parts of the country had come to Delhi in order to be a part of this protest. According to the police this group of protesters was not controlled even by three layers of barricades.

The special commissioners of police for the maintenance of law and order were called upon in order to control the situation. According to the sources a total number of 700 people had been a part of the protest. These people have been booked for unlawful assembly and rioting by the police authorities for the time being. It is important to note that according to the provision of the prevention of damage to public property some protesters have been heavily fined and even imprisoned because they had damaged the public property not only at Jantar Mantar but also at other different places of New Delhi. It is also essential to consider that the Delhi government has played a very important role to mitigate the situation but nothing is possible for the time being. Even the Peaceful protesters have been taken behind the bars.

Demand of all the sports persons is not met for the time being and that is why they will not stop protesting at any cost. It is only with the help of connective efforts that all of the situation can be confused but it seems like nobody wants to understand and negotiate the exact cause of action. The conduct of the sports people is not according to the mark and many of them have also been suspended from the game. All the decisions have been appealed for the time being. This information will definitely help to decide the future codes of action in order to maintain the peace and security over the period of time.

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