In New Delhi, where dengue cases are at their peak, dengue has spread like a virus all over Delhi, while many patients are also seeing symptoms of covid-19 and vector-borne diseases, which both patients and doctors are seeing.

It is troubling how it can be diagnosed correctly, all the vector-borne cases are mainly investigated between July and November and their reports are prepared sometimes even in mid-December. That is, if a person has been a victim of vector-borne diseases before July, then it will be detected between July and November, then it is a worrying matter.

In vector-borne disease, it is common to see such symptoms as fever, body pain, headache, and vomiting, but the biggest challenge in this is that if the person is suffering from a disease like fever, body pain, and headache, then he is Kovid positive or not. Almost impossible to install.

The cases of Kovid-19 have decreased in India, but the coronavirus has not completely gone from India. It is seen that people who have dengue are more likely to be Kovid positive, the main reason for this is that due to dengue, the platelets of the person go down and his body’s immunity becomes very low. Due to this, the Kovid-19 virus is easily able to show its effect.

You can know the fear of Kovid virus from the fact that whenever a patient sees such symptoms as headache, fever, or body pain, then almost all doctors prefer the test of Kovid virus with dengue. Dengue cases are also at their peak.
Although many patients only have a sore throat or cough, they are less likely to be affected by covid infection, so only a dengue test or dengue test is being prescribed to them.

In the last few days, the number of patients in OPD and ICU in both government and private hospitals in Delhi is increasing continuously.

There is a decrease in platelets in people who are infected with dengue. Normal platelets count in a healthy body is between 1.5 lakh to 4 lakh but in dengue patients, these platelets decrease from 40000 to 100000.

According to the data given by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, till September 21 this year, more than 520 dengue cases have been reported in Delhi and according to the latest report of 26 September, the maximum number of 281 dengue infection cases have been registered in 1 day on September 21.

The biggest reason for the increase in dengue cases in New Delhi is that it has been raining continuously for a long time and this is the biggest reason for the breeding of mosquitoes.

So in this way, due to the low immunity of the people, there can also be an increase of Kovind 19 infection in dengue patients, so all the doctors of Delhi have the same say that Kovid-19 is completely in the country. If you have not gone from here, then everyone should take maximum precautions and use masks.