Israel has tried to kill the most children

At present, the war strategy is being carried out at a breakneck pace inside Hamas in a speedy manner. Day by day, people are seen going against the war strategy there in any way. We can get an idea about the situation from how the people there mention this thing, and the efforts they make to know about it are also entirely too much for them. Differently and consistently, the things that have been said about him, the things about which knowledge has been taken against him, are also essential to him. These things are constantly seen in him in very different ways. The same thing is being continuously said about them in the future, and the condition that Israel has created in the world at this time is terrible. The consequences of this situation will also be very bad for Israel. I will have to suffer.

Israel’s haircut is altogether leaving a different look in the world. This thing is entirely theirs, and they are constantly being seen in a very other way in which, day by day, they disturb the people there and the citizens. I started the work of doing so, and after seeing his work being done very wrongly there, I felt that this thing is being said by the people, in what way, if the situation there becomes worse, then what action will be taken against him in the coming time. Yes, that can also be done. It is very much justified to take action against such a country. I will see that it is essential to take continuous action against it because such action becomes too much for them and any country. Causing harm is not a good thing for anyone at all.

Israel has decided to lead the world toward a wrong decision.

Israel is taking the world on a very wrong path, and there will be a complete discussion about it. If any country does such actions continuously day in and day out, then it will be a very wrong thing for it. He should also have a lot of knowledge about all these bad things because of the way these things are going on in him and how decisions are being made on all these things about him daily. In a very different way and continuously, this whole thing may be essential for them because it was the decision of the Government of India regarding which they had always talked to Israel, and they had utterly said that they would not agree to this. Finish things too soon.

If such an environment is seen taking place in the economic situation of a foreigner, everything appears very wrong to him, seems very unfair to him, and there is a need for this. They were seen doing it all the time, and there were a lot of continuous discussions regarding this; they were also seen doing it very quickly, about which there were a lot of conversations by many people continuously. That is why this thing was always discussed as People are making a lot of efforts to take it well. For many people, this thing is also going on that the way hair is done completely breaks the country. I find it very dangerous for this, and This is correct; that is also visible, about which there is continuous discussion, for which the prayers of many people are also with them.

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