Kantara movie crossed 200 crores and left behind KGF 2.

Kannada-language thriller with action Rishab Shetty’s film Kantara, which he also wrote and directed, has drawn a lot of interest for a number of factors.

Even nearly a month after its debut, Rishab Shetty’s Kantara is still smashing box office records. The Kannada movie broke the 200-crore mark in terms of gross international receipts during the Diwali vacations. There have only ever been three Kannada films to do this. Even more impressive is its performance in the state of Karnataka, where it surpassed both KGF films and attracted the highest number of moviegoers ever.

The film, which focuses on the clash between man and environment, has also received praise from a number of Bollywood stars and directors. Rishab Shetty plays both Kaadubettu Shiva and Shiva’s father in this movie. The movie also features customs like Kambala and Bhoota Kola.

The movie is currently the most watched Kannada movie of all time, according to a separate Sacnilk study. Kantara has sold more tickets even though KGF: Chapter 2 made more money in the state. By October 24, 77 lakh Kantara tickets had been sold, compared to 75 lakh and 72 lakh for KGF 2 and KGF 1, respectively. According to industry insiders, the movie may end up garnering more than a crore people alone in Karnataka.

Kantara’s creators have recently been charged with plagiarism, according to the well-known Keralan band Thaikkudam Bridge. The band from Kerala claims that “Varaha Roopam” is a replica of their song “Navarasam.” They announced on social media that they would file a lawsuit against the film’s production crew.

Film industry expert Taran Adarsh announced on social media that the Hindi version of the movie, which opened on October 14, had brought in a total of Rs 24.15 crore domestically. The second week, though, was more difficult than the first.

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