Katrina Kaif praises her assistant

Katrina Kaif is best known for her beauty in Bollywood, and the discussions of her beauty are visible throughout Bollywood. Her name was once linked entirely with Salman Khan, and it can be said that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were going to marry each other. Still, later it did not happen at all, and Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were seen separating from each other. However, it is said that Salman Khan’s Katrina Kaif Salman Khan There used to be girlfriends, and there were many obstacles in their marriage, so they got away from each other.

Katrina Kaif recently posted on Instagram, and in that post, she mentioned her assistant Ashok Sharma giving; she wrote that it had been 20 years since Ashok Sharma became her assistant. Then he thought he would leave his assistant for less than 20 years. He said that in 20 years, he enjoyed how Ashok Sharma supported him when he entered Bollywood, which Salman Khan had done for him; since then, he has been constantly associated with Ashok Sharma and stays with him in his every sorrow.

Katrina Kaif said that Ashok Sharma shed tears in grief.

Katrina Kaif also said during one of her interviews that she was seen as a completely new person whenever Ashok Sharma became an assistant. Still, gradually when the time changed, Ashok Sharma became very close to her. Gone, and today, it’s been 20 years since the whole era, so she released a post on Instagram and wrote that she loved working with him and wanted to thank him completely for how he was. No one has supported him to date. Recently, when he got married, Ashok Sharma had a significant role in that too.

Katrina Kaif said that Ashok Sharma is seen with her in every sorrow when someone used to disappoint her a lot on the set or Katrina Kaif used to say something about something, then Ashok Sharma’s eyes were filled with tears. He used to come because he never wanted his actor to have any problems, and even when someone used to get angry with him on the set, Ashok Sharma was seen to be very worried about this. He always kept Ashok Sharma as his assistant, and till today he is seen spending time with all the Sharmas. Katrina Kaif is seen sharing their photos in many places.

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