Leader of the Shiv Sena Sudhir Suri was killed in Amritsar.

Today outside a temple in the city, an assailant shot and killed Sudhir Suri, the leader of the Shiv Sena (Taksali). Suri was hit by more than five gunshots before losing consciousness. He was transferred to the hospital, where he later died from his wounds, according to the police.
The incident happened as Suri and his followers were demonstrating outside Gopal Mandir in front of a large police presence. Sandeep Singh, the proprietor of a clothing store, was detained by the police after he is accused of shooting Suri with a legal firearm. A little distance from the location is where his shop is.
In addition to damaging his car, Suri’s followers also opened fire on the accused, who had sought refuge inside a home after committing the crime. Later, they staged a protest in front of the Amritsar-Attari road hospital where Suri had been admitted. Arun Pal Singh, the police commissioner, asserted that an initial investigation found a conflict between two parties over the management of the shrine. He claimed that the incident happened after a verbal battle between the rival camps.
The culprit had been detained, according to DGP Gaurav Yadav, and a.32-caliber weapon had been taken. “A thorough inquiry is being carried out. We’ll look into if the incident was a part of a bigger plot, he said.
According to sources, because of Suri’s inflammatory comments on social media, gangsters and other extremist organizations have him on their death list. He had more than 12 police officers protecting him.
How everything happened Sudhir Suri (60) comes to Gopal Mandir in the Kashmir Avenue region of Amritsar around three o’clock.
protests against the “dumping” of deity posters and idols by the roadside
organizes a protest with supporters
3.20 PM: Police arrive there
3.40 pm: Arriving shop owner Sandeep Singh shoots Suri and is arrested for making hate speech
‘Y-category’ security was provided
Arrested for using derogatory comments toward a community
was on Canadian gangster-terrorist Lakhbir Singh’s “kill list.”

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