LET terrorist who gave training for mumbai attacks dies

The famous terrorist from the gang of Lashkar e Taiba known as Abdul Salam has finally died. He was one of the most important persons during the 2008 Mumbai attacks. It is important to note that he was the only person who was responsible to train all the terrorists who implemented the terror attack in Mumbai in 2008. He not only gave training to all of the terrorists but also at the same point of time financed all the terrorist activities in India. He was also arrested and was already undergoing an imprisonment in Pakistan for his involvement in international criminal activities that was completely against humanity especially in a country like India. The details of the entire incident are also confirmed by the Indian intelligence forces so that the threat to the community can be reduced to a minimum possible extent. The different locations have also been targeted over the period of time under the planning provided by this terrorist. But it failed due to the intelligence of the Indian forces.

The Mumbai attacks with the most dangerous attacks that were experienced in the country. It was responsible for the death of 166 people of India and even 10 Americans. These attacks were carried for a total period of 3 days. It is important to note that the Treasury Department of The United States of America has also personally confirmed all of this news so that the security of the nation is not at all put to Stake and the terrorists do not get opportunity to repeat any kind of such activities in any part of the world. Abdul has also been responsible for creating political unrest in the United States of America and India with respect to the 2011 attacks. He has been blacklisted in the United States of America and they have issued strict action against him in order to control him with all the power they have. Abdul was responsible for the recruitment of different terrorists who were part of the terrorist organisations over a period of time and he also gave important training to these people.

It is important to understand that Abdul was responsible for giving the first training to all the members of the terrorist organisation. In fact he was the one who was responsible to understand the fact that this is one of the most important perspectives that has to be taken into consideration over a period of time. It is important to note that all the leaders has been given the maximum amount of capacity training in this regard only with the help of Abdul and it was important to punish him with the worst possible punishment so that he could not get back to his previous works at all.

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