Message from Kangana Ranaut to the “Bollywood pals” she injured in 2022: As the year comes to a conclusion

Kangana Ranaut sent a hilarious remark on Instagram on Sunday. Kangana posted a meme made by popular user “Xavier,” but she added her own spin on it. ‘To anybody I offended this year, you deserve it,’ the original message stated.
Adding to her tweet, Kangana stated, “Now that the year is closing I wish to confess something similar to my Bollywood pals,” but she avoided using any specific names. She made her “confession” after going to Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali celebration. Taapsee Pannu and Karan Johar were among the other guests at the party, which was a rare sight for fans.
Kangana gave followers an update earlier in the day on her recently rebuilt temple at home. On the occasion of Choti Diwali, she uploaded a snapshot from a puja ritual and gave a look of all the new additions to the temple. In the image, Kangana could be seen seated next to a priest in the temple while donning a beige outfit.
On a pedestal in her shrine was an image of Lord Ganesha. Behind the idol, a sizable, framed Pichwai artwork was resting against a vibrant wall. Alongside the meal were some fruits, dinners in steel dishes, and marigold garlands. “This holiday season, refurbished temple at home,” she said on the post.
Next, in her next historical drama Emergency, Kangana will play the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. She is the director. Her upcoming biography, on Bengali theatre artist Noti Binodini, was just been unveiled. Pradeep Sarkar, a renowned director, will direct the movie. She also has Tejas, where she will be portrayed as an air force pilot, in addition to this.
I need to talk to Karan Johar to figure out why he claims gross rather than net revenues for Brahmastra. Why is there such a need? Additionally, after earning $60 million (that is the nett collection they have reported; I don’t accept this number, but they claim that the nett amount in India is $60 million for two days). Even if we trust them, how come a 650 crore film has already become a hit? she had said.

In addition, Kangana referred to Karan as a movie mafia and questioned him about the logic of the Brahmastra box office figures. I’m afraid there are distinct natural laws that apply to the movie mafia and to mortals like us. Karan Johar Ji, please explain us.

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